What Is HyperBarOX?

The DermaNew HyperBarOX™ machine is
unique in its approach to resurface, massage
and “push” Oxygen into the skin in one single
process and is safe to use on all skin

Something Pure is in The Air

As we age Oxygen levels in the skin cells
decrease such that by the age of 25 the skin’s
Oxygen is substantially lower that that of a
healthy teenager, resulting in a loss of elasticity
and the formation of lines and wrinkles.
DermaNew has created the perfect rejuvenation
treatment for aging skin.

Why Is Oxygen Important?

Oxygen is known as a natural cleansing agent
and is essential to the health and maintenance
of skin cells in the human body. With Oxygen,
skin cells are able to obtain what is required for
all new cell growth. When skin cells are
deprived of Oxygen they are further inclined to
skin aging and can die almost immediately.
Oxygen deficiency is further promoted by
environmental stressors such as pollution,
smoking, and poor diet and exercise.

What are the benefits of a HyperBarOX™

DermaNew HyperBarOX™ delivers more than
90% pure Oxygen to the skin while removing
cell debris and resurfacing the skin resulting in
the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and pore
size. The infusion of pure Oxygen penetrates
the skin and acts as a vehicle to take the water
and other nutrients along with it; pushing out
toxins and promoting an improved state of
cellular well-being while increasing cellular
renewal, skin oxygenation, and hydration for
visibly improved skin suppleness,
moisturization and surface texture.

Skin that is "breathing" properly is more
luminous, softer, firmer and less lined due to
an increase in essential elements through the


A true breakthrough in anti-aging, DermaNew
HyperBarOX™ O2 Infuser combines the
amazing benefits of DermaNew
Microdermabrasion with the restorative benefits
of Oxygen in a completely new and innovative
way. The DermaNew HyperBarOX™ O2 Infuser
delivers more than 90% pure Oxygen to the skin
while removing cell debris and resurfacing skin
for reduced fine lines, wrinkles and pore size.